How to Watch UCL 2024 Online Free in Mexico

The 2024 UEFA Champions League (UCL) will be available on screens in Mexico, and this helpful guide will show you how to watch all the action for free.

Thanks to the internet, streaming services, official broadcasters, and official websites as football fans in Mexico don’t have to break the bank to watch live UEFA Champions League matches. Here is a list of broadcasters that will prove a blessing in disguise to watch football matches.

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Watch UCL 2024 Online on Warner Bros. Discovery

If you’re in Mexico, watch UCL 2024 on the Warner Bros. Discovery app for free. The app offers a selection of membership tiers to satisfy individual needs. Users can sign up for a free plan that only provides access to a small content or upgrade to a paid program that unlocks additional features and improves the quality of their watching experience. Depending on the length and inclusions, premium package prices might change.

The partnership between Warner Bros. Discovery and the UEFA Champions League (UCL) is set to revolutionize the sports viewing experience. Starting in 2024, Warner Bros. Discovery will become the official broadcast partner of the UCL, taking football fandom to new heights.

With Warner Bros. Discovery’s involvement, the UCL viewing experience will be elevated to unprecedented levels. Leveraging its expertise in entertainment and media, Warner Bros. Discovery aims to enhance the presentation, storytelling, and engagement around UCL matches, captivating fans worldwide.

Warner Bros. Discovery Subscription Cost

As per official decision, customers of Discovery+ will not be required to upgrade to a more expensive plan. Currently, Discovery+ can be bought for $4.99 a month with ads or $6.99 without ads.

Compatible Devices

The Warner Bros. Discovery app provides UCL fans in Mexico with versatility and convenience by being accessible on various platforms. These devices include smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, game consoles, and online browsers.

Warner Bros. Discovery+ App

This platform also offers a top notch built app where you can catch all content available on the platform in the already subscribed package.


  • Huge, varied library
  • Easily Affordable
  • Beautiful user-interface design and mobile apps
  • Each user account can have up to five profiles and four streams playing at once.
  • Comprised of 4K materials


  • The Max service is far better and is currently the primary content source.
  • Not all most-watched shows can be viewed on-demand, but they can be considered on constantly-updating channels.
  • Lacks aural entailment
  • No choices for two-factor authentication

Extra Content Available on Discovery+

More than 70,000 episodes from Discovery’s various networks are available on Discovery+. While we did not manually tally each program, the sheer volume of content across the service’s multiple channels supports this assertion.

Warner Bros. Discovery’s extensive entertainment portfolio, which includes iconic franchises like Harry Potter, DC Comics, and Game of Thrones, opens up exciting opportunities to intertwine football and entertainment. The partnership promises to deliver unique content, interactive experiences, and innovative programming that blend sports and entertainment.

Watch UCL 2024 Online for Free on RTE Player in Mexico

RTE Player is an online streaming service provided by RTE (Raidió Teilifís Éireann), Ireland’s national broadcaster. The UEFA Champions League (UCL) is one of the many sporting tournaments.

But remember that RTE is an Ireland based streaming platform which is operational only in Ireland. To accss this network in Mexico, you need to have a sound VPN.

Users can access the whole content library without interruption from advertisements for a monthly subscription price of €8.99 ($8.99/ £6.99).

RTE Player is compatible with various devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart TVs. You can access RTE Player through their official website or by downloading their app, available for iOS and Android devices. Ensure your device meets the system requirements and has a reliable internet connection for smooth streaming.

Here’s some information on accessing UCL matches on RTE Player in Ireland:

1. Visit the RTE Player website: Go to the official RTE Player website ( using a web browser.

2. Create an account: If you don’t already have an RTE Player account, you must create one. Giving out your email address, making up a password, and accepting the terms of service are all standard procedures.

3. Check UCL availability: RTE may have broadcasting rights to select UCL matches. However, it’s important to note that these rights can vary from season to season. Check the RTE Player website or their official sports section for the most up-to-date information on UCL coverage.

Pros of RTE Player

1. Extensive Content Library: Television series, documentaries, news broadcasts, and sporting events are just some of the many options available on RTE Player. Users can access a diverse selection of programs from RTE’s channels, allowing them to explore various genres and interests.

2. On-Demand Viewing: One of the significant advantages of RTE Player is its on-demand feature. Users can watch their favourite shows or catch up on missed episodes without adhering to a fixed broadcasting schedule.

3. Free Access: RTE Player provides free access to a significant portion of its content. Users can enjoy a variety of programs without the need for a subscription or payment, making it an accessible platform for many viewers.

4. User-Friendly Interface: The RTE Player platform is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Navigating the available content is easy, and users can quickly find the shows they want to watch with the help of search functions and categorized sections.

5. Live Streaming: Besides on-demand content, RTE Player allows users to stream specific channels, enabling them to watch their favourite shows in real time, just like traditional television.

Cons of RTE Player

1. Geographic Restrictions: One of the drawbacks of RTE Player is its geographic restrictions. The service is primarily available to viewers in Ireland, and accessing the platform from outside the country may be limited or restricted.

2. Advertisements: While RTE Player offers free access to content, it is supported by advertisements. Users will encounter periodic ad breaks during their viewing experience, which can be disruptive for some viewers.

3. Limited International Content: Since RTE Player focuses on RTE’s channels and programs, the platform may need more international content than other streaming services. This can be a drawback for viewers seeking a broader range of global shows and movies.

4. Streaming Quality: The streaming quality of RTE Player may vary depending on the user’s internet connection. Users with slower or unstable internet speeds may experience buffering or lower video quality, impacting the viewing experience.

5. Availability of Older Content: While RTE Player offers a vast content library, the availability of older shows and episodes may be limited. Some programs may only be accessible for a specific period before being removed from the platform.

Final Words

To watch UCL 2024 for free in Mexico, fans can explore streaming platforms that offer free access to sports channels broadcasting the tournament. Additionally, some hosts may provide limited free streaming options or trial periods during the UCL. Stay updated with official announcements and explore online communities for tips and recommendations on enjoying the UCL action without incurring additional costs.

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