How to Watch UCL 2024 Online in Switzerland

There are a few free options to watch the UEFA Champions League (UCL) in Switzerland in 2024. Firstly, you can download the SRG SSR app or get to their website as they are the local broadcasters in Switzerland have acquired the broadcasting rights for the tournament. They might offer free coverage on their channels or streaming platforms. They provide a free range of channels, such as SRF, RTS, and RSI. Another option is to look for online platforms offering free live sports event streaming.

However, ensure these platforms are legal and legitimate, as watching content from unauthorized sources may be illegal or poorly quality. Some social media platforms and websites might provide live updates and highlights of UCL matches for free. Stay updated with news and announcements from broadcasters or official UEFA channels for information on free viewing options in Switzerland.

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Watch UCL 2024 Free on SRG SSR

SRG SSR is a Swiss public broadcasting organization that operates various television and radio channels in Switzerland.

SRG SSR offers diverse content, including news, current affairs, sports, documentaries, entertainment, and cultural programs. It covers both local and international events, ensuring a comprehensive media service for the Swiss population. SRG SSR is known for its high-quality productions and commitment to providing informative and engaging programming across various platforms.


Households and businesses have been subject to a new radio and television tax that is device-agnostic as of 1 January 2019. Since 2021, families have been required to pay 335 Swiss francs per year for radio and television.

Compatible Devices

Viewers can access SRG SSR’s programming by visiting their official website or downloading the dedicated apps available for iOS and Android. These apps offer live streaming of SRG SSR channels, on-demand content, and additional features to enhance the viewing experience. Overall, SRG SSR provides flexibility in accessing its content, allowing viewers to choose the device that suits their preferences and convenience.

Watch UCL 2024 Free on Blue Sport

Blue Sport is a sports television channel in Switzerland that broadcasts various sporting events and related programming. It is part of the Blue Media Group, a media company based in Switzerland. Blue Sport covers a range of sports, including football, ice hockey, tennis, basketball, and more.

Viewers typically need a subscription to access Blue Sport. This allows them to watch Blue Sport on their television through traditional broadcasting. Some cable and satellite providers in Switzerland may offer Blue Sport as part of their sports channel packages.

In addition to traditional television broadcasting, Blue Sport also provide online streaming options through its official website or dedicated mobile apps. Viewers can check the Blue Sport website or consult their cable/satellite provider to determine if online streaming is available and how to access it.

Subscription Details

Current subscribers to Blue Sport can continue paying the flat monthly rate of CHF 29.90. Those who sign up for the sports package before 21 June 2023 will also save money. All new Sports subscriptions purchased after the price increase goes into effect.

Compatible Devices

To access Blue Sport, viewers can utilize various compatible devices. Firstly, traditional televisions with cable or satellite connections can be used to watch Blue Sport through broadcasting. Additionally, many modern smart TVs come with built-in apps or allow for the installation of streaming platforms that may offer Blue Sport as part of their channel lineup.

For those who prefer streaming on mobile devices, Blue Sport likely provides dedicated apps compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. These apps can be downloaded from official app stores, allowing users to access Blue Sport’s content on the go. Furthermore, Blue Sport’s programming may also be available on computers and laptops through their official website, which can be accessed via internet browsers.

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Watch UCL 2024 Free on Blue Entertainment

Blue Entertainment AG (previously CT Cinetrade AG) is a media firm in Switzerland owned by Swisscom, a telecommunications provider. The firm was an expert in acquiring movie and sports television rights.

The Blue Entertainment company operates Blue+ (previously Teleclub), a collection of premium television channels; Blue Cinema [de] (formerly Kitag Cinemas), a theater chain; and Entertainment [de], a home video distributor.

Watch UCL 2024 Free on CH Media

CH Media is a major media company in Switzerland that operates various television and radio channels and online platforms. It is a merger between NZZ-Mediengruppe and AZ Medien, two prominent media companies in Switzerland. CH Media offers a wide range of content, including news, entertainment, sports, and cultural programming.

To access CH Media’s content, viewers in Switzerland can use compatible devices such as televisions, computers, smartphones, and tablets. Traditional televisions with cable or satellite connections can receive CH Media channels that are part of the broadcasting packages provided by cable or satellite providers.

Online streaming of CH Media’s content may also be available through their official website or dedicated apps, which can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices. These platforms allow viewers to access CH Media’s programming, including live streams and on-demand content.

Subscription Details

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RTE Player

RTE Player is the online streaming service provided by RTE (Raidió Teilifs Éireann), Ireland’s national broadcaster. The UEFA Champions League (UCL) is a prominent sporting event.

Below is guidance on how to access RTE Player in Switzerland to watch UCL matches:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN and install it on your devices.
  2. Launch the app and set your location to Switzerland.
  3. Go to in your browser to access RTE Player.
  4. Create an RTE Player account if you still need to do so. Creating a password, supplying an email address, and accepting the terms of service are standard operating procedures.
  5. Third, check to see if RTE has broadcasting rights for any UCL games you’d like to see.

However, it’s essential to remember that these benefits could shift from one season to the next. You can catch up on all the latest UCL news by checking out RTE Player or the sports section on their main website.

Subscription Details

Users can gain unlimited, commercial-free access to the entire library for a monthly charge of €8.99 ($8.99/ £6.99).

Player RTE Compatibility

RTE Player can be used on any modern computer, smart TV, smartphone, or tablet. An iOS and Android app for RTE Players can be downloaded from the official website. If you want your streaming experience to go smoothly, ensure your gadget and internet connection are up to snuff.


  1. One, it has a wide variety of content, including TV shows, documentaries, news broadcasts, and sporting events. Viewers can sample shows from various genres and subject areas by tuning into RTE’s channels.
  2. The convenience of on-demand viewing is a significant benefit of RTE Player. It is optional for viewers to abide by a strict broadcast schedule to watch their favorite shows or catch up on episodes they may have missed.
  3. The majority of RTE Player’s programming is freely available without a subscription. It’s a convenient platform for many viewers because it doesn’t require a subscription or money to watch a wide selection of shows.
  4. The RTE Player platform is built with the user in mind. Therefore, the interface is straightforward. Users may quickly discover the shows they wish to watch by using the search bar or browsing through the various areas.


  1. One of RTE Player’s downsides is that it is only available in certain regions. Viewing the service may be restricted or limited for those not physically located in Ireland.
  2. Free material on RTE Player is made possible by in-stream ads. Users will be subjected to commercial breaks at various points throughout their viewing experience, which may be annoying to some.
  3. Because it focuses on RTE’s channels and shows, RTE Player may require more foreign material than competing streaming services due to its limited international content. This can be a disadvantage for viewers interested in seeing more international programming.

Final Words

In conclusion, a few free options are available to watch the UEFA Champions League (UCL) in Switzerland in 2024. Firstly, checking with local broadcasters such as SRG SSR can provide access to free coverage of UCL matches on their channels, including SRF, RTS, and RSI.

These channels often offer live broadcasts and highlights of UCL games. Additionally, exploring online streaming platforms offering free sports streaming could be beneficial, but ensuring their legality and reliability is essential. Social media platforms and websites may also provide free updates and highlights of UCL matches.

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